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Our PPP Financial Strategies

One financial strategy that we do better than most is helping our clients come out of the financial desert happier with their 1031 Exchanges.

After deferring taxes for so long, there comes a time when investors just want out. However, the end of the road tax obligations can sometimes be just too much for many to swallow. So many stay put, fearing the excessive tax burden if they exited.

We have a solution for that! Utilizing our PPP (Public-Private Partnership) strategies, we help our clients get out of this seemingly intractable financial quagmire with truly little or no taxes. Please call us for details.

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A Proud Tradition of Commercial and Construction Lending

At Charities Benefit Mortgage, to realize your dreams, we have combined many strategies and formulae to marshal all resources—government, private, corporate, everyone, and everything in-between to fund the money our clients need. Our client's satisfaction is our top priority. We do our very best to make sure you get the perfect deal.

Managing Diversity at Work

Who We Are

Charities Benefit Mortgage is a Direct Lender. We lend our own money; no loan committee! New construction, Rehab and Commercial properties are what we do best. Are your current loan quotes and ratios not working for you? We may be able to re-arrange them and put you back on the jobsite where your expertise is most needed. Please call us NOW!

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We are reputable professional mortgage lenders whom you can trust to give you knowledgeable, honest, and straightforward opinions and support. We can handle all loan sizes!