Our Story

Founded by K. Sam Essien and his able colleagues, we at Charities Benefit Mortgage offer feasible options that you can choose from depending on your situation and your special needs.

Our very name says it all: CHARITIES BENEFIT MORTGAGE.  A Direct Lender and Mortgage Banker.

We are very dedicated to nonprofits, especially community housing developers, to help them produce decent and affordable housing that we all need and deserve.

Too many times, these selfless community builders would go to the end of the world to assemble pieces of raw land, get the permits to develop housing for seniors and low-middle income Americans.

Then the harsh reality would eventually rear its head: No mainstream lenders would lend funds to build homes for regular folks! We are here to change this sad narrative.

We believe housing for seniors has got to be funded, seriously!

Hotel and resort property

Extensive Experience

What makes the difference between us, and our competitors is our combined office experience of 42 years and counting in mortgage lending.
Aside lending to our wonderful past clients, we also did a lot of borrowing in pursuit of our own investment goals. From 1997 to 2008, we built, remodeled, and managed 402 residential and commercial units.
A big part of that many units were done under nonprofit housing. That vast experience of working partially under private ownership and government rules are lessons you cannot get from a weekend webinar on real estate: We earned it!
Since 2005 to now, Mr. Essien has been a dedicated member of Board of Directors of a Charter School within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Currently, we are approaching 2,000 students.
Except for 2 or 3 instances that I can remember, ALL of our students have graduated from 12th grade. But most proudly, over 98-percent have gone on to colleges and universities across the USA.

Our Values

Our core business values are longevity and experience. We put a major focus on client satisfaction and constantly strive to deliver perfection to each customer.

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Charities Benefit Mortgage
Team of mortgage and financing specialists

Public-Private Partnership

We were ardent promoters of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) long before the Pandemic pushed the phrase into our everyday language.

However, our concept of PPP is not Paycheck Protection Program. We use the term to describe something more meaningful. Nothing against the Pandemic-induced PPP

America has got all it takes to upright our country; make it whole. And since not a single sector can do all the work by themselves, Charities Benefit Mortgage leans heavily on Public-Private Partnership acting in concert to fix our nation.